Drop the face wipes, Babe

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

We’ve all been there, a busy day (or long night), we eagerly jump into bed only to realise we still have our make up on. You reach over the bed and get out that trusty pack of make up wipes.. but have you ever wondered what make up wipes are actually doing to your skin.

Generally speaking, make up wipes don’t actually remove your make up or clean your skin properly, they mostly just smear make up around your face. They do not have the ability to break down makeup, excessive oil or potential irritants that are sitting on the skin’s surface after a long day.

Makeup wipes can also be quite harsh, not only due to the ingredients listed but the excessive pressure we uses to remove makeup. Excessive touching, pushing and pulling on the skin can easily lead to inflammation and irritation.

Common ingredients found in make up wipes

Preservatives - lead to barrier damage,

irritation and dryness

Emulsifiers - these bind to your skin’s natural

oils and contribute to fast trans-epidermal water loss which will impair your skin’s natural exfoliation process

Fragrances - known as the number one skin sensitiser, these will also lead to inflammation

and potentially

contribute to pigmentation

So what should you use instead..

I always recommend using your prescribed Dermaviduals Cleanser - nothing every beats the real thing, especially a product with skin loving and caring substances. If you’re a make up wearer, double cleansing is a great option to make sure all make up is removed as well as any debris from the days activities. In some cases I do recommend some of my clients use 2 cleansers for example the Dermaviduals Total Cleansing Cream first to remove make up and then their prescribed Dermaviduals Cleanser.

Another alternative a lot of our Skin Obsess clients love is the Dermaviduals Cleansing Cloth which are made from microfibre that attracts and removes makeup and unwanted dirt, simply and effectively without including any of the nasty ingredients listed above. The Dermaviduals Cleansing Cloth is machine washable and reusable so its also a great alternative for the environment rather than using a disposable one time use make up wipe.

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