What to Expect from Skin Needling? Rejuvenating, Refreshing, Glowing!

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

I am a low maintenance person. Much to the horror of the girls at Skin Obsess and many of

my friends, I wash my face with whatever I find in the shower, moisturise with whatever is on

the shelf and have even taken my make up off with *whispers* shampoo before. While that

could be enough to give you a sympathetic breakout, I’ve been blessed with really tough

skin. My skin generally never cared about what I did to it until this ungodly year began. A lot has

changed this year. Along with the rest of the world, I have been deprived of social activities

and late nights. This, I’m assuming, has been great for my skin. I also turned 24 this year.

This, I am learning, hasn’t been great for my skin. Despite the copious amount of sleep I’ve been getting, the freshness of my skin has been on a steady decline. I’ve been breaking out more, my skins become a little patchy and my pores were getting way too big for my liking.

I came to Skin Obsess looking for something that would give my skin a fresh start, some

rejuvenation and a blank canvas to kick start actually taking care of my skin. The girls

recommended skin needling so I quickly packed away my fear of needles and booked my


Below I have documented my experience, with pictures, so you know exactly what to expect

before you get your skin needled.

So... What is Skin Needling?

Skin needling is when a tiny needle traces your skin to leave microscopic punctures on the

outermost layer. These punctures break the blood vessels that sit immediately beneath the

epidermis. Puncturing the outermost layer of your skin leads to the accelerated generation of

your bodies growth factors which stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the

dermal layer. The skin needling benefits are ten-fold and you’ll be flaunting youthful, bright

and bouncy rejuvenated skin with a glow that lasts in as little as one week.

Sounds great, but...needles? I’m scared.

Babe, same. My biggest concern was that there would be a literal needle jabbing along my

skin. And while it’s in the name, that is absolutely not how it felt or even looked at all.

Skin Obsess use an EXCEED medical grade skin needling device which is made up of 6

evenly distributed tiny needles. The EXCEED device is clinically proven to reduce wrinkles,treat acne scarring, reduce pore size, encourage collagen production all while improving skin

texture with minimal downtime.

Yes, the EXCEED device does sound like a too good to be true miracle product and in all

honesty... it almost is! Unlike other devices, the EXCEED skin needling device is the only of its kind as it is FDA approved, TGA listed and MedSafe listed. No other skin needling device in the world has this level of certification. In the right hands, this EXCEED device is life-changing. This is how it went.

As you can see on my forehead and cheek, I am guilty of picking at my tiny breakouts until they become an eyesore. My relationship with my skin has been really rocky lately, so I was ready to give her some serious tough love.

Once I was slathered in gliding gel, we started with my forehead first as this is meant to be the most painful part. The sensation I experienced can be described by

combining the feeling you get during eyebrow feathering mixed with the sensation of laser hair removal. Weird combination, I know, but definitely not traumatising or off-putting.

Before I knew it, the process was done. Typically you can expect your skin to go red and

bleed a little during the procedure. You will likely end up much redder in the hours following.

However, as I mentioned before, my skin is tough so even though we used a high-ish setting

my skin acted like it was too cool to care.

By the time I got home, I was a little redder and my skin felt a little tight and warm, which is

to be expected. My sister and boyfriend kept laughing at me because my face was oily from

the aftercare cream. Other than their remarks and a teeny tiny itch under my nose, I wasn’t

allowed to scratch, I was relatively unaffected and quite comfortable for the remainder of the

day and even while I slept.

The skin needling aftercare requirements meant I needed to use my prescribed DERMAVIDUALS cleanser, moisturiser and not much else for the 2 days after my appointment. I treated my delicate skin with the utmost care and love. By day 3 the redness was gone and the super light, barely noticeable peeling

had started. The first sign of results.

Flash forward to a full week after my appointment and my skin has started to look supple,

bright and it feels like a newborn babies bottom, or face, or anything that is super soft to

touch. My pores are teeny tiny microscopic and my chin and forehead have cleared up with

no signs of my habit of picking at blackheads or pimples to come.

It’s a bit hard to see the full transformation from my skin needling before and after photos but

I promise you, the results are getting better by day. I’m obsessed and I still have a few more

weeks to go until I see the full results.

The full results start showing after about four weeks post-procedure. These results are

insanely long-lasting; the collagen production continues for up to a year after the treatment.

Talk about bang for your buck!

Did it Hurt?

I’m a bit of a baby and while I was sweaty as anything during my appointment the actual

process didn’t hurt at all. The girls at Skin Obsess are expertly trained staff and knew exactly

how to make me feel super comfortable despite my needle phobia.

Overall I am going to rate the pain at around a 4/10. For the more sensitive spots, the height

of pain sat at around 5.5/10. The procedure is more uncomfortable than painful. Afterwards, I

felt like I had a very light barely noticeable sunburn that was so unbothersome it doesn’t

deserve a rating of its own.

Should I Get Skin Needling?

If you’re thinking about it, do it. With less than a day of downtime, affordable pricing and

results that last up to a year I can’t recommend skin needling with Skin Obsess in Melbourne


The results for skin needling speak for themselves. According to a study conducted in 2009,

almost 100% of skin needling participants reported a huge difference and improvement in

the appearance of their skin and acne scars after treatment. Another study saw 88% of

patients reported significant improvements to their acne scars and 90% of patients reporting

a massive improvement in facial wrinkles.

Not sure if this is the treatment for you? The girls at Skin Obsess are expert skin therapists.

The first step before every treatment is an in-depth skin analysis. They will get to know you,

your skin history and your skin goals in order to provide you with a uniquely designed skin

treatment plan.

I would never trust anyone else with my skin or with a needle close to my face. If you want

to get started on your skin caring journey, contact Skin Obsess via their website or send

them a dm on Insta. Get ready to fall in love with your face.

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