This treatment is a natural kick start to smoother, revitalised and regenerated skin. With no downtime and no visible peeling, you don't even need to cancel plans to enjoy the full benefits! 


Our enzyme facial treatments are uniquely designed to lightly exfoliate without sacrificing the integrity of your skin's barrier. Even if your skin is sensitive, our enzyme treatment can be done without causing any further irritation.

The result? Smaller pores, even skin tone, prevention against comedones, milia and pustules and an improved pathway for active absorption in the skin. 

All of our Enzyme Treatments are personally tailored to your skin needs and are designed to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. The higher the level, the more products are included to make the treatment deeper. 



20 minutes

The 'go-to' facial treatment that's personally tailored for immediate skin clearing results. Enzymes from fruit extracts give a thorough exfoliation without the harshness of microdermabrasion or the destruction of acids or peels to your skin. 



40 minutes

The 'pick me up' facial treatment. A step up from Level 1, our Enzyme Mask is blended with advanced products specific to your needs to intensify the results and provide a deeper exfoliation. The treatment is finished with a bespoke sheet mask infused with a perfect blend of bespoke serums all driven towards achieving your skin goals.



60 minutes

The 'maintenance' facial treatment. Designed to cater to your journey toward good skin. Our Level 3 Custom Enzyme uses our deepest penetrating ingredients to give you the ultimate exfoliation without sacrificing the integrity of your skin. With the integration of enzyme, clay, multiple serum infusions and masks, this treatment is a great monthly pick me up to rejuvenate as well as work towards your skin goals.



100 minutes

The 'ultimate' facial treatment. Deep relaxation meets driven skincare results. Level 4 includes every element of our bespoke enzyme system, enzyme, clay, algae as well as an extended facial, shoulder and décolletage massage. The serum infusions are included through every step of the way. This treatment is perfect for indulging, we dare you not to fall asleep!

For the best results, we recommend adding LED light therapy. LED rejuvenates the skin on a cellular level enhancing your facial treatment.