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Do you dream of facials or treatments unique to your skin? We custom design our facials to target acne, dehydration, congestion, scarring, pigmentation.

Our cosmetic brow and lip treatments are designed to enhance your beauty. We specialise in Eyebrow Feathering, Ombre Brows, Combination Brows and Lip Blushing.

We know exactly what to do to take your brow game to the next level. We love doing henna brows, tint styling, brow lamination and brow tidy. 

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I'm that friend that is constantly trying out the latest beauty trends, handing out unsolicited beauty advice (sorry, not sorry) and forcing my tweezers onto anyone with an eyebrow hair out of place. Skin Obsess isn't just my business, it's my way of life.  

When it comes to all thing’s beauty, my philosophy is to restore and enhance what you were given naturally. You’re unique and different things will impact how you feel beautiful in your skin. There is no universal approach to achieving beauty. That's why every time I perform a skin routine or facial it’s always customised to your unique concerns and whenever I sculpt your brows, they’ll be crafted to suit you.


"I LOVE MY BROWS MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THIS WORLD!!! They feel amazing. The colour is darker today which I absolutely love. Hope you don’t mind but about 3 of my girlfriends will be booking with you"

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